Terms and Conditions of Service

Please note that arrival times are flexible. Typically, it is as specified, or with in a 30 minute window of the set arrival time.

Service plan and special instructions: 

Cleaning services will be performed per your completed order form. Extra services will be an additional cost. Payment is due the day of service. If payment is not received within 15 days of service a 10% late fee will be applied. 

Add-ons and Trades

Anything outside of our agreed upon scope of work including the cleaning of rooms not originally included in the bid are considered add-ons and additional fees will apply. All add-ons and trades must be processed through the office, and not through employees. Employees are not authorized to deviate from the work order without prior approval from management. All add-ons must be scheduled ahead of time.

Lock out policy

Please be sure we can enter your home, either by providing us with a key, a code or leaving a door unlocked. If we arrive for a scheduled service and are unable to access your home a 50% lock out fee will be charged and will need to be paid before the next scheduled cleaning or added to the next cleaning payment.


24 hours’ notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given for a reschedule or cancellation, I accept that I will be required to pay 50% of the cost of the appointment. I also understand that if I repeatedly miss my appointments, NEATOLOGY INC may discontinue my services. If same day canceling, please try to cancel before 8:30 am to facilitate schedule changes for the staff.


Sick Policy

If anyone in the home is sick with a contagious illness (flu, cold, pneumonia, chicken pox, lice, etc.) please reschedule your cleaning. We want to limit the possibility of transferring illnesses from one home to another or causing employees to become too ill to work. To be fair to all the customers and staff, please wait until you are well again. We will also not send a sick employee to your home for the same reasons. If Cancellations happen day of scheduled cleaning, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.



Please be prepared for us before we arrive, we can do a more thorough job if the house is prepared before we get there. Have personal items cleared away and rooms ready to be cleaned.


Winter Months

During the winter months Neatology Inc requires you to have any sidewalks or walkways free of ice to prevent slip and fall injuries. If we arrive to your home and are unable to safely access the house we will have to cancel or reschedule. This is for our employees’ safety and the ability to continue service for everyone in a timely manner. 


Bodily fluids

We do not clean animal cages, litter boxes, animal droppings, human or pet feces, urine, vomit, soiled clothing or similar biohazards.  We will clean around boxes, etc. but cannot by WSBC standards clean up actual bodily fluids.

Rate Changes

Neatology Inc reserves the right to re-evaluate rates at any time based on the amount of time it takes to perform our services to meet the client’s standards.

We monitor the actual cleaning time for the initial 2-3 months of service and occasionally thereafter. Neatology Inc will contact the client to discuss possible price or service revisions if the cleaning time differs drastically from the initial quote.


Neatology Inc will provide all equipment and supplies except for trash liners, unless the client prefers to provide supplies. Exceptions are if the client has any specialty cleaners they prefer. Cleaning is done assuming all surfaces are sealed, i.e. countertops, floors, etc. If you are aware of any surface that is not sealed, please notify us so that we may take appropriate actions. 


Neatology Inc will be closed for business when extremely severe weather causes dangerous driving conditions or advisories warn against driving.  We will give every effort to rescheduling as quickly as possible.


Neatology Inc will be closed on the following national holidays: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your cleaning falls on any of these days and you would like to reschedule around them, please note the earlier you contact us the better as we fill up around holidays very quickly. 

Same day satisfaction guarantee

The client’s satisfaction is our primary objective. We are not able to provide refunds however we will return to clean the problem areas. Cleaning any of the dissatisfied areas before we are able to assess them will void the guarantee.  Upon assessment if we determine that we did not clean properly we will return the reclean the areas in question at no additional charge to you. 


Our staff take great care when cleaning your home, but occasionally accidents do occur. Our policy is to inform you immediately when an accident occurs but if you notice any breakage/damage please notify us immediately so that we may take appropriate action. We are not responsible for hanging items and shelves that have not been properly secured to the wall. Please point out items which are irreplaceable due to sentimental or monetary value as we would prefer to avoid touching them. 

Termination of Services
Services may be terminated by either party for any reason. Please kindly give 24 hours’ notice for all canceled appointments. This is not a binding contract; services may be terminated by either party at any time for any reason.